A few of my favorite design resources, frameworks, and tools I'm currently into.


A UI development and documentation tool.
Create a zero-install code-oriented design environment.
For drawing, diagramming, and whiteboarding.
An all-in-one UX research platform.
A collaborative cloud development environment.
A slick presentation tool for fast-moving teams.
Helps teams follow progress on projects.
A visual website builder.


A powerful application launcher and productivity tool.
A modern web browser built on Chrome.
The best design app, hands down.
A note-taking, task management, project planning app.
A personal task and project manager.
My code editor of choice.

Open Source Frameworks

The full-stack React framework for the web.
A flexible Markdown-based authoring framework.
Utility-first CSS framework for rapid web development.
A library for building high-quality, accessible web apps.
A gorgeous, accessible color system.
A toolkit for building accessible web apps with React.
A library for building reusable, scalable design systems.
Accessible and customizable component library.
Components for creating emails using React.

Icon Libraries

Offers 292 icons in outline and solid variants.
A crisp 333-icon set designed for small sizes.
A 1,500+ open source icon set with a modern style.
A 1,100+ clean, consistent, and neutral icon library.
A minimal icon pack with 287 open source icons.
A massive 9,000+ icon library in 6 styles, offering a clean design.
A 1,368-icon library with a consistent, lightweight design.

Open Source Fonts

A sans-serif from Vercel.
A variable sans-serif from GitHub.
A sans-serif designed by Rasmus Andersson.
A geometric sans-serif typeface from
An open-source typeface from MacPaw.

Figma Plugins

A tool to generate tiled noise, textures and patterns.
Easily create beautiful shadows.
Create, edit and manage beautiful gradients.
A tool for creating data visualizations within Figma.
A tool to blend two objects like lines or rectangles.
A powerful chart creation and editing tool.
Generate all possible instances for your components.
Automatically arranges elements into a grid.
Craft appealing typographic hierarchies using modular scales.