Design Kit

Visual Design, UX Design, Front-end Development

While working at RightScale, a rapidly-growing cloud management company, we realized the importance of optimizing our processes and establishing a centralized resource for product design. This was necessary due to the independent project work being carried out by numerous teams.

What initially began as a shared color palette in a Sketch file evolved into a comprehensive design system known as "Design Kit." This system encompassed branding assets, color guidelines, an extensive library of icons, and a selection of UX patterns.

Alongside the style guide, I designed and developed component-specific markup and styling documentation, similar to Storybook. These easily shared pages became invaluable reference tools for front-end developers.

The process of creating and sharing this design system was a valuable learning experience for me, and it ultimately paved the way for my future endeavors. In 2019, RightScale was acquired, bringing my adventure at the company to a close.

Design kit demo

I have archived a version of the site for demo purposes as this project is no longer in use.