👋 Hello, I'm Jason

I have always loved design & technology for as long as I can remember.

In my teens I had a constant companion: my sketchpad. During those years I immersed myself in comic books, captivated by the stories, the layouts, and especially the art. The incredible works of illustrators such as Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane intensified my enthusiasm for the craft. I would spend hours recreating their styles, using only the resources a teen in the 90s would have. Fueled by that enthusiasm, I enrolled in every available art class and eventually earned a degree in Art and Graphic Design from Fresno State.

While in college, my interest in technology spiked. It was during this time that I purchased my first Mac, specifically the 12-inch Apple aluminum PowerBook, and was exposed to real “pro” software such as Adobe Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop. However, it was when I came across "Designing with Web Standards" by Jeffrey Zeldman, a book recommended by one of my professors, that my journey truly began. I devoured the book over a weekend and immediately delved into learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As a personal challenge, I set out to build a website from scratch.

Over the years, I have developed a strong skill set that combines my design abilities with a passion for technology. Currently, I work at SecureDocs, Inc. as part of a cross-functional team. Our main focus is on building user-friendly, browser-based software. In my role, I primarily focus on developing our design system, assisting the engineering team with front-end development, and sharing my design knowledge with teams throughout the company.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and our two teenage children. We love traveling, trying new restaurants, watching the latest Marvel movies, and lounging with our dogs. Overall, I am a passionate and dedicated creative professional who genuinely loves his work.

About this site

I've worked on this project for a while, refining it multiple times until I achieved the right balance of simplicity and abstraction. The current version is built using React and the excellent Next.js framework. If you're curious, you can find the project's source code on my Github profile.

The site utilizes the Satoshi typeface, designed by Deni Anggara, and draws inspiration from the work of designers Dan Cederholm, Rauno Freiberg, and Nicolás Garro (also known as Evil Rabbit).