Design at SecureDocs

In 2018 I joined the engineering team at SecureDocs as their first UI Designer. My primary goal was to provide a design process to answer the needs of a growing cross-functional team.

That process included building prototypes for product development and helping produce a rich component library to assist our engineers in building new features.

Screenshots From My Work at SecureDocs
SecureDocs Filebrowser

Selected Projects

The Filebrowser

One of the first major projects I worked on was revamping the design of the Filebrowser interface. It was a collaborative effort and an important milestone for our small cross-functional team.

Filebrowser Page
The Filebrowser UI

The Challenge

Currently, the SecureDocs product supports three different markets, each with its own set of features and branding. A big challenge was to produce a design language that worked in this ecosystem.

For this, the team implemented a small color-theming system across a select set of UI elements. This theming system allowed us to provide a unique look for each SecureDocs product.

Example of themeing used across Securedocs
Themeing displayed across the 'Sidebar' component

The E-Signature Builder

In 2019 we assembled a small team and implemented a design sprint to focus on improving our e-signature experience. After multiple cups of coffee and hundreds of sticky notes later, we produced a small prototype and gathered feedback that would later guide us through the product development process.

The prototype included consolidating the e-signature experience into a simple four-step workflow, which made it easier to use and removed the need to constantly re-train users in completing e-signature tasks. I also designed this as a full-screen experience, so users can stay focused on what they're building.

Adding Documents Step
E-Signature Builder - Adding Documents Step
Adding Fields
E-Signature Builder - Adding Fields

Along with the e-signature builder, the team also updated the e-signature dashboard, making it easier for users to track the items they send out.

E-Signature Dashboard
E-Signature Dashboard

In 2022 SecureDocs was successfully acquired by Onit, Inc. to complement their legal-related products and services.