Design at RightScale

In 2012 I joined the product team at RightScale as a UX Developer. My primary mission was to help design an efficient and clean-looking customer experience across a growing product line.

While there, I was fortunate to be mentored by a fantastic group of people who helped me sharpen my skills as an interface designer and a front-end developer.

Screenshots from the Design Kit Project
Design Kit Landing Page

Selected Projects

Design Kit

By 2013 RightScale was growing fast. Different teams were working on projects in isolation. As a design team, we saw the need to consolidate our processes and provide a single source of truth for product design.

Design Kit Branding Assets Page
Branding Assets Page

What started as a shared color palette in a Sketch file ultimately grew into a design system we called “Design Kit.” It included branding assets, color guidelines, an icon library, and a few selected UX patterns.

Design Kit Product Color Guidelines
Product Color Guidelines
Design Kit Product Icon Library
Product Icon Library

The team also included coded component examples that contained all the necessary markup and style for a given component. These pages were easy to share and made an excellent reference tool for front-end devs.

Design Kit Component Snippets
Component Snippets

Design kit Demo

This project is no longer in use but I've got an archived version of the site for demo purposes.

Building this system and sharing this knowledge was a priceless learning experience that would eventually direct me to my next role. In 2019 RightScale was acquired, which marked the end of my adventure there.